Everest Base Camp Trekking is your final destination.

Everest trekking is the best 5 renowned treks all over the world. Reaching at the destination of Everest Base Camp trek trekkers glance face to face with the topmost peak Mt. Everest, the “peak of the Earth,” which is at an altitude of 8848m. This trekking, you’ll have many life expeditions as the route is challenging to the mountaineers. While reaching a place called Kala Pattar which is on the way to the Everest base camp trek you can have  an extraordinary pictures of the other peaks including Mount Everest, and the  friendly Sherpa guide of Nepal will help a lot to know the places and well renowned things on the way to mount Everest base camp trek trail.

Everest base camp trekking have a mountainous paths through which the old fashioned houses, rivers, bridges, steam, wild forests etc will have eagerly waited on the way. Mt. Everest trek is basically done upon lodge trek or called tea house trek. The trekkers have to stay a night on a lodge; mostly the local people are Sherpa.
The trekkers will have a chance to know the rituals and cultures of the local Sherpa peoples. The Sherpa peoples are kind and friendly in nature and they are the perfect guides of the trekkers. Almost we provide Sherpa guides to the trekkers as Sherpa are known as the king of the mountains. They are the perfect mountaineers as well as they are friendly in nature. So, the Everest base camp trekking will be the memorable one to all the trekkers.

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